24 Jun 2008, 1:11 pm
Flat Breads Yeast dough :
by Sandra
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    Ramazan Turkish Pidesi: Yes but Not!

    Ramazan Turkish Pidesi : Oui mais Non! -

    Yes, they are really pides Turkish , the ones I already told you about in 2005, then ... you remember ..? But if the flat breads like biscuits and soft as focaccia , coated seeds of nigella and sesame ... these famous breads that scent the streets of Istanbul during Ramadan and that some bakers make zealous chain to meet starving stomachs of fasting clients who do not make long hours in line .
    No, of course, the second recipe I offer here is a little different from the previous since it includes among its ingredients milk and yoghurt, two components that give the bread a more tender texture and "brioche".
    To devour without moderation!

    Ramazan Turkish Pidesi : Oui mais Non! -  (For 4 pides 400g each)

    For the yeast-yeast

    • 135g flour T55
    • 5 teaspoons dry yeast
    • 1 teaspoon sugar
    • 240g water
    For the dough
    • 900 to 950g of flour T55
    • 15g salt
    • 65g olive oil
    • 30g of yoghurt or sour cream
    • 1 tablespoon honey or molasses (see note)
    • 350g milk
    • 100g water
    • Gilding: 1 egg yolk, white sesame seeds or black, black cumin or fennel

    Preparation of yeast-yeast

    In a bowl or medium bowl, mix the flour and dry yeast and then add water and whisk together for 2 minutes to mix and aerate the batter. Cover with a clean cloth and let ferment 30 minutes to 1 hour.
    The yeast-yeast must increase volume and its surface is dotted with bubbles.

    Ramazan Turkish Pidesi : Oui mais Non! -

    Preparing the dough

    In a large bowl or bowl pastry, pour the flour and salt and mix. Dig a hole and pour the yeast-yeast, olive oil, yogurt or cream, honey (see note), water and milk. Mix with a wooden spoon, starting with the center and expanding the movement to the edges of the bowl to blend all the flour. Continue stirring always in the same direction until the dough wraps around the spoon peeling off the walls.

    pour ne pas alourdir la pâte qui doit être très molle ). Pour batter on floured work surface and work for several minutes until no longer sticky to work plan (adding flour but always in very small quantities to avoid making the dough that must be very soft). Knead for 8 to 10 minutes: the dough should be soft and smooth and if we are to believe the words of one Turkish cookbook, its surface should be "as smooth as the inner arm of a woman".
    Put the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let stand 1 hour or until dough doubles in volume.

    Note: Although most recipes contain neither pides of honey or sugar, I think this addition brings a definite plus not only to the overall taste of bread stronger character but also the final color of a bread crust with a little Caramelized more ... pity I'm done thinking at the time of tasting bread and not before!
    After 1 hour of rest, you can degas the dough, put the ball in the bowl and keep it cool overnight.
    You can prepare the dough in the bowl of the bread machine, the evidence here ( click )

    Transfer the dough on lightly floured work plan and with fists to crush the degassing. Divide into 4 pieces of equal weight (about 450g), shape into a regular ball, and place on floured work surface or directly onto the baking sheet lined with parchment paper, leaving at least 8 to 10 inches of space between each and cover and let relax for about 30 min.

    Preheat oven th7 (210 ° C).

    Flatten each ball with the palm of your hand to form a disk about 25 cm in diameter or an oval and then after pide pide, forming grooves in a grid with the handle of a wooden spoon (in practice, place handle on the dough and press down firmly by rotating a half turn the handle to detach). You can also try the line with the edge of the hand, but it is not won!
    Brown the pides with egg yolk diluted with a little yogurt, sprinkle with nigella seeds, fennel or sesame oil and let stand about 30 minutes.

    Bake approximately 15 to 20 minutes or until the pides have taken a golden brown and sound hollow when tapped underneath them. Cool on rack.

    Serve warm or cooled in pides Cover dish with sauce or as a starter cut into strips to accompany dips (hummus, fresh cheese with herbs , feta, etc. ..)

    Ramazan Turkish Pidesi : Oui mais Non! -
    Source: Adapted from oburkedi and godecookery

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    Copyright © 2008 Sandra

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    28 Aug 2006, 7:00 am
    Breads Yeast dough :
    by Sandra
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    Daktyla: A Finger Greece

    Very popular in Greece but also Cyprus and Turkey , the daktyla country bread is recognizable by its distinctive shape segmented fingers ('daktyla in Greek) and its golden color due to the presence of corn flour in its composition . Always covered with grains of sesame that add to the crispness of the crust, it can also be flavored with seeds of black cumin, which give a nice peppery note. This bread is excellent with a good Greek salad, moussaka or a flat bread sauce with its dense, rich and mellow .. but spread with tsatsiki, Tarama or melitzanosalata, it is also great! A delicious alternative to pita or bread eliot a Greek menu!

    Daktyla: Un Doigt de Grèce - daktylaspa2 (For a large loaf)
    • 350g flour T65
    • 75g wholemeal flour or full T150
    • 75g corn flour (or semolina wheat thin)
    • 1.5 cc dry yeast
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 280ml water
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 2 tablespoons milk
    • sesame seeds blond nigella seeds
    Preparation of yeast-yeast In a large bowl, mix flour with baking powder and salt. Make a well in center and pour half of the water. With a wooden spoon, start mixing from the center by fall in the shaft just enough flour to form a semi-liquid paste a little thicker than pancake batter. Cover with a clean cloth and allow to ferment 20 to 30 minutes until bubbly surface.

    Preparing the dough

    Add sourdough-yeast olive oil, honey and milk (and 1.5 tsp nigella seeds eventually). While adding the remaining water gradually, mixing the ingredients, adding the flour gradually to form a ball of dough slightly sticky but peeling off the walls. Pour over the worktop lightly floured and knead the dough for about 10 minutes until it becomes soft, smooth and elastic. Put the dough in a greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap or a clean cloth and let rise about 1:30 (the dough should almost double in volume).
    Pour the batter over the worktop lightly floured and gently flatten with the palm of your hand and fold 2 or 3 times on itself. Divide into 6 pieces of equal weight relax and leave covered for ten minutes. Shape each piece into an oval about 10 inches long and place them as and when measured on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, taking care to arrange them next to each other by creating a space of 3 cm between each (if the cooktop is too narrow, arrange the pieces on the diagonal). Cover with a clean cloth and let rise about 1 hour or until the loaves are touching.

    Preheat oven th7 (210 ° C).
    Brush the loaves with a little milk and sprinkle with sesame seeds (and possibly nigella).
    Bake about 25 minutes until the bread reaches a golden color and the bottom sounds hollow tapping.
    Cool on rack.

    (Crunchy crust lovers will eventually cook with steam).

    Daktyla: Un Doigt de Grèce - daktylaspa1

    que j'ai découvert ce pain il ya déjà plusieurs mois: sa forme, sa couleur m'avaient séduite et j'avais tellement hâte de le tester que bien que n'ayant pas de farine de maïs dans mes placards, j'ai quand même fait ce pain en remplaçant cet ingrédient par de la semoule de blé fine: une idée de secours qui nous a fait littéralement craquer!! This is the blog of Alberto, Il Forno I found this bread several months ago: its shape, color me thrilled and I could not wait to test that though not corn flour in my cupboard, I still made this bread by replacing this ingredient semolina wheat thin: a sense of relief that we had literally cracked! The cornmeal crust makes added even more crisp, but the crumb is soft and fragrant: a delight! A few weeks later, I tested the official version to cornstarch and I must say that I much prefer my version meal! See for yourself!

    Source: Adapted from Zergüt of Il Forno and KA Flour

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    Copyright © 2006 Sandra

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    November 27, 2005, 8:55 pm
    Bread Bread Dishes Yeast dough :
    by Sandra
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    Noni Afghani (Afghan Bread)

    As in most countries of the East, from Turkey to India, the loaves of Afghanistan cakes are leavened or not generally oval, which probably originated in the first bread consumed in the world.

    Noni Afghani (Pain Afghan) - noniafghanispa009.1
    (For 8 Afghan naan)
    • 520g flour T65
    • 7g dry yeast
    • 360 ml warm water (I put 200ml milk + 160ml water)
    • 60ml corn oil (I used olive oil)
    • 1.5 cc salt
    • 1tbsp sugar
    In a bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt and sugar. Make a well and pour water (or water / milk) and oil and start turning gently mix by hand and lifting the weight from the bottom up until all the flour is amalgamated .
    Pour onto a floured work surface and knead for 5-10min. The dough becomes smooth, not sticky and elastic. Put in a bowl oiled, cover and let rise 1:30.
    ) (It is possible to mix and knead in the map and let rise in the vessel)
    Degas the dough with your fist and pour over the floured counter. Divide into 8 pieces of equal weight (about 110g) and rounding.
    Flatten each piece with the palm of your hand and roll out to form an oval 15cm long and 1.5 cm thick. With a razor blade or a fork with sharp teeth, make incisions along the length (you can soak the first fork in the beaten egg).
    Brush with beaten egg with 1tbsp of water and sprinkle with seeds of caraway or cumin.
    Bake in preheated oven th6-7 (190 ° C) 15-20min until the loaves are golden. Like most Indian breads, the noni afghani are traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven built underground consists of bricks it is heated and on which it strikes and you stick the noni, which gives them their characteristic form of gout.
    Look at these pictures, we believe it ..!

    Noni Afghani (Pain Afghan) - afghanspabread
    Credit: Harrison Forman

    Noni Afghani (Pain Afghan) - afghanspabread2
    Credit: ethnicfoodsco Noni Afghani (Pain Afghan) - afghanspabread3
    Credit: Pete Johansson

    Recipe Source: "Sephardic Cooking" by MarkCopeland, 1992.

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    Copyright © 2005 Sandra

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